People in Thailand can now easily order stuff from


People in Thailand can now buy any of the 45 million items available on following the launch of a new feature by the online retail giant. has announced the the launch of its “International Shopping experience”, which is available via the Amazon Shopping iOS and Android apps, as well as via a mobile web browser.

The feature allows customers to shop in 25 currencies, including baht, and is available in five languages, including Spanish, English, simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese and German, with more languages being added later in the year.

Items ordered via the feature will be shipped to Thailand from the United States.

Customers can also choose from different shipping options and delivery speeds.

The international shopping feature will display pricing, shipping costs and import duty estimates, with Amazon managing courier service and customs clearance in case of potential surprises at the time of purchase or delivery.

International customers can now “browse and shop over 45 million eligible items that can be shipped to their country from the United States”, said Amazon.

“The International Shopping experience displays clear pricing, shipping costs, and import duty estimates, with Amazon coordinating with courier services for customs clearance on behalf of the customer.”

“Customers will be able to browse and shop for products across categories including electronics, books, clothing, shoes, toys, and much more.”

The Amazon Shopping app can be downloaded on iOS and Android.

Additional reporting from Reuters.


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