Mayweather Pacquiao fight reveals Periscope’s usefulness as a piracy tool


Periscope has only been in action for just over a month, and the $100 million dollar app is still finding its feet. But there’s already one area that the service is proving useful in – piracy.

The boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao cost between $90 and $100 to watch live in many countries, and brought in more than 400 million dollars for the owners of the content – Showtime and HBO.

Periscope as piracy tool

The fight had a huge revenue, but it also supported a lot of pirated streams through the Periscope app. Mashable reported that the fight had hundreds of Periscope streams and that some channels peaked at over 10,000 viewers.

The phenomenon was popular in Twitter, with the winner taking out over 3.4 million mentions in Tweets on Sunday. But Twitter’s ownership of Periscope and the large volume of pirated streams put the company between conflicting objectives, evident in some Tweets by Twitter and Periscope employees.

Periscope App

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo commented “And the winner is… @Periscopeco” after the broadcast and one of Twitter’s venture investors Chris Sacca posted “Periscope won by a knockout”.

The Tweets by those execs provoked a bit of a backlash, with some comments saying that the company would suffer from boasting about profit at others’ expense.

Considering it’s Periscope’s second run-in with HBO in the last few weeks (there was a similar issue with the latest Game of Thrones episode), Periscope users’ piracy affect Twitter’s business relationships in the future.

Are you a Twitter and Periscope user? Did you watch the fight on Sunday morning? If so then let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Those who dont afford thousand of bucks will eventually stream free media.