Phablet market quadruples in first 3 months of 2015


Everyone knows that huge phones have become all the rage recently. You only have to look at the people around you to notice it seems that just about everyone has a jumbo-sized phone, or so-called phablet.

Recent data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech shows that phablets (typically defined as phones over 5.5-inches in screen size) quadrupled market share during the first thee months of the year, helped in no small part by Apple’s first product in the category, the iPhone 6 Plus.

Super-size phablets on the rise

The phablet market in fact grew to 21% of smartphones this quarter, up from just 6% the previous year. The growth it seems is mainly due to the iPhone 6 Plus, which managed to grab 44% of the market during Q1. Screen size was mentioned as the main reason for buying a particular phone by iPhone and Android buyers, at 43% and 47% respectively.

Samsung Galaxy Note Phablet

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Kantar also says that during the first quarter, the data shows that 11.4$ of users switched from Android to iPhone (versus 14.6% last year). That compares however to only 5.9% switching from iOS to Android, down from 9.8% the year before.

In terms of smartphone sales in general, “Apple’s overall sales dominated AT&T, Verizon and Sprint [in the US]where iPhone represented 59%, 43% and 50% of smartphone sales, while Samsung dominated smartphone sales at T-Mobile with a share of 42%.”

Kantar also provided stats on the growth of iOS in Q1, saying that Android switchers drove iPhone growth across Europe in Q1 as Apple grew to a 26% share in urban China.

SOURCE: Kantar Worldpanel ComTech


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