Phone calls in Thailand to be charged per second under new proposals


The National Legislative Assembly (NLA) has today backed proposals to change the way mobile phone operators charge for phone calls in Thailand.

Under the new proposals, mobile phone operators will charge customers per second for calls rather than per minute, reports Thai PBS.

It is believed the new proposals will help to save users an average of 1.33 Baht per day or 40 Baht per month.

The NLA voted in favour of the proposal with 211 votes to 3, with 7 abstentions.

The proposal will now be submitted to the National Council for Peace and Order and order for approval.

This latest news regarding pay per second calls follows on from reports earlier today regarding the mandatory registration of all prepaid phones in Thailand.

It is believed that Thailand has in excess of 100 million active mobile phone numbers, yet only a small percentage of them are registered.

The three biggest mobile phone operators are True, DTAC and AIS. These companies earned 96, 94 and 140 billion Baht respectively in 2013.

The report from Thai PBS claims the Consumer Protection Reform Committee wants to ease the exploitation of customers by the mobile phone operators.

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  1. This assumption that it would save people money would have to be elaborated on based on how they charge now, otherwise I see it costing, over a long enough period of time, the same as it does now.

    EXAMPLE: if you speak 1 minute and 31 seconds you probably get charged with 2 minutes and likewise if you speak 1 minute and 29 seconds you are probably charged for 1 minute. However, the first minute is probably charged no matter if you speak for 1 second or 59 seconds. If this ASSUMPTION is true, then the saving would be realized due to the first minute charged. Otherwise, the rest is no different than the random flipping of a coin. With enough flips it ends up being a 50/50 situation meaning no savings or extra expense in charges.

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