Phone operators warned over mandatory SIM registration


Govt warning to phone operators: make sure your customers are registered or face losing your telecoms license.

The secretary general of the National Broadcasting and Telecoms Commission (NBTC) has strongly urged Thailand’s leading telecoms operators to do more in order to ensure customers comply with the requirement to register their prepaid SIM cards.

In January, the NBTC announced that all prepaid SIM cards needed to be registered by July 31st.

However, it is estimated that out of the 90 million prepaid SIM cards which are currently active in Thailand, only around 6 million have been registered.

With users seemingly reluctant to register their SIM cards, NBTC secretary-general Takorn Tanthasith issued a reminder regarding the July 31st deadline and told operators to do more in ensuring that customers register their SIM cards.

Secretary-general Takorn warned the likes of AIS, Dtac and True that a failure to comply with the law and meet the July 31st deadline could result in a number of penalties for operators which may include heavy fines or the suspension of telecoms licenses and loss of bidding rights to the upcoming 4G auction.

A report via the National News Bureau of Thailand states: those violating the law will be considered as having hampered the national interest.

The warning issued by Secretary-general Takorn comes as the NBTC is due to report to the Cabinet and NCPO on the progress to date regarding mandatory SIM registration.

When the requirement regarding SIM registration was announced earlier this year, the NBTC informed customers they had until July 31st to register their prepaid SIM cards or risk not being able to make and receive calls from Aug 1st.

With an estimated 84 million SIM cards still to be registered, rough estimates would suggest that approximately 600,000 SIM cards would need to be registered every day from now until July 31st.

Registering your prepaid SIM card

The process of registering your SIM card is actually very straightforward.

We’ve written before about how to register your SIM card, but basically all you need to do is visit any store of your network provider and tell staff that you want to register your SIM card.

Make sure you take your passport with you and staff will input your details onto their system – the whole process should take no more than a couple of minutes.

About 5 years ago a previous government mooted the idea of mandatory SIM card registration but the requirement failed to properly come to fruition.

If it is the case that you think you may have already have registered your SIM card or you are just unsure whether or not your SIM has been registered previously, you can check to see if your card has been registered by dialing *151# from your mobile phone.

You should then receive an SMS in either English or Thai (depending on your mobile operator) which will confirm if you’re registered or not.

Registering your SIM should be free of charge and if any operator tries to charge you for the privilege, you are urged to report the incident direct to the NBTC by calling 1200.

Source: NNT




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