PhotoMath Upgrades to High School Level Equations and Plans Android Release


PhotoMath, an app that solves math equations using a phone’s camera, has announced that the app is coming to Android. Success in the App Store is cited as the reason for the app being added to Google Play.

A nifty app, PhotoMath’s user base is comprised mostly of high school students. Users will take a picture of an equation, and the app will walk the person through the equation to completion. Introduced at Disrupt London, the app is different than other apps on the market that provide calculations through the painstaking input of a match equation.

The company’s goal is to provide an easy solution to not only solve math equations, but also provide a learning experience by showing users the steps needed to reach the final answer.

Android availability comes with a major upgrade to the app’s core features. Not only has the app’s speed been increased, but the UI has been tweaked to be more user-friendly. The app has also added functionality to answer more complex equations, such as quadratic and inequalities.

Initial response to the app proves that there is a big demand for text recognition technology, states MicroBlink, the app’s owner. The company states that in January, their app was used to solve 8 million equations. Total downloads for the app reached 11 million on iOS and Windows Phone.

PhotoMath’s goal is to make their app accessible on all mobile devices, so transitioning to Android makes sense.

The app’s developer has yet to find a way to commercialize their app. Citing no regret for opening the app up to the public for free, the company has stated that they will need to be commercial to continue development.

Users have bombarded the company with praise and the company states that math teachers have also praised the app as a new way to help kids check their homework.


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