Pinterest Launches New Tool for Marketers to Improve Their Pins


Pinterest announced on Monday that it would be launching a Marketer Development Program that will allow a group of partners to access tools that will help them deliver more engaging content to their Pinterest followers.

These new tools include pin scheduling and optimization through APIs for businesses that publish branded content across multiple networks. Jyri Kidwell, Pinterest’s marketing development head, said that companies are posting content on Pinterest, but the company is looking to provide marketers with tools to make posting more efficient. Companies will also receive performance feedback, so they can take steps to improve their content.

Pinterest also announced that it has started testing its advertising API. Like the Marketing Development Program, participating in the advertising program is limited to select partners. These companies can pay to promote content on Pinterest. Currently, the APIs are available for free to these partners.

The select group of partners consists of 10 companies, and Pinterest will be carefully selecting new partners as it moves forward with the program. The company is also hosting what they call “Pinstitute” sessions, in which agencies and companies are given feedback and best practices. The ultimate goal with these sessions is to ensure that all Pinterest partners understand what the program is all about and how to produce content.


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