Pinterest publishes transparency report, US government requests the most


Following the recent trend of online services such as Google, Twitter and Dropbox, Pinterest has published its first transparency report to cover a full year.


Pinterest transparency report

In total the company received 41 requests for user data for law enforcement agencies and governments.

The vast majority of these requests came from the United States, with 39 requests that covered 54 Pinterest accounts. The only two others were from Australia and Canada.

Pinterest Transparency Report 2

In the USA, ten of the requests came from warrants, while the other 29 were from different types of subpoenas. The company says it does informs users of data requests unless prohibited by law; in this case there were 16 cases where it could not do so.

Pinterest did in fact produced the desired information for most of these request, which it claimed were mostly “straightforward and routine”, but it denied nine requests that it said were objectionable.

Pinterest Transparency Report 1

In contrast to other social media websites and apps, Pinterest’s information requests were tiny. As a comparison, Twitter received more than 2,800 requests covering more than 7,000 user accounts in the second half of last year alone.

In any case, sharing the information with the public is a welcome move from Pinterest, as the figures are likely to grow in the future as more users sign up.

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SOURCE: Pinterest