Pixel 2: Google announces launch of new flagship smartphone


The launch date for Google’s Pixel 2, the company’s flagship device, has been announced as 4 October – exactly a year after the launch of the original.

The device hasn’t been mentioned in teasers although the tagline, “Thinking about changing phones” gives it away somewhat.

“Stay tuned for more on 4 October,” Google said.

Users are also encourage to sign up to the firm’s Made By Google site in order to receive news updates on the new handset.

A video has also been released suggesting some of the Pixel 2’s main features.

It seems that extended battery life is one along with increased storage and improved camera quality.

The previous device won a lot of praise for its features, indeed some described it as the “best smartphone ever” although it didn’t do so well in the appearance stakes.

The virtual helper, Google Assistant, will also play a prominent role on the new device.

Rumours suggest either HTC or LG will manufacture the new Pixel 2.

Some of the reports floating around suggest that the Pixel 2 will include optical image stabilisation and have squeezable sides, which will be used to access additional settings or features.

A 6-inch new generation Pixel XL is also expected to be available next month but this is expected to be manufactured by LG.

Both new phones will run Android 8.0 Oreo which was launched last month and has begun rolling out to Android devices.

It is not known if Google plans to release the Pixel 2 in Thailand.

The original Pixel device and previous Nexus devices were only available by import from sites like Lazada and eBay.

However if Google wants the Pixel 2 to truly rival flagship devices from the likes of Apple and Samsung it would do well to tap into Thailand’s thriving smartphone market.


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