PixelBuds: Google unveils wireless headphones that can translate 40 languages in real time


Google has unveiled PixelBuds, a pair of wireless headphones that can translate up to 40 different languages in real time.

The PixelBuds are powered by Google Assistant and are designed to work with Google’s new Pixel 2 smartphones, which the tech giant also unveiled on Wednesday, alongside a new smart speaker and camera.

Unveiling the PixelBuds, the firm showed them translating a conversation between two people speaking Swedish and English in real time.

“What if your headphones could do more than let you listen to your favorite music?,” Google’s Adam Champy wrote announcing the new products.

“What if they could help you get things done without having to look at your phone? What if they could help you answer (almost!) any question just by asking, or even help you understand someone speaking a different language?”

“These wireless headphones not only sound great, they are seamless to use and charge,” he added.

Google product manager Juston Payne speaks about Pixel Buds during a launch event in San Francisco, California, U.S. October 4, 2017. REUTERS/Stephen Lam

The headphones use Google Translate to translate conversations.

“As you talk, your Pixel phone’s speaker will play the translation in Italian out loud. When the waiter responds in Italian, you’ll hear the translation through your Pixel Buds,” Google said.

PixelBuds are available in three colours: Kinda Blue, Clearly White and Just Black and will cost $159.

They will be released in Australia, Canada, Germany, Singapore, U.K and U.S. in November.


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