Will my plane crash? “Am I Going Down?” app tells you the odds…


The old adage that “there’s an app for that” has never been more true. A new app has been launched to help people conquer their fear of flying by providing statistics on the likelihood that any particular flight will crash.


“Am I Going Down?” app crunches the numbers

The app, called Am I Going Down, crunches the numbers and tells you the odds that the selected plane will crash. It’s supposed to calm your nerves and help people that have a flying phobia, but judging by the name, it might actually appeal to those with a more macabre sense of humour. It’s not very reassuring after all, is it?

How does the app work out if you’ll have a crash? To determine whether the flight will go down, you must enter the relevant information such as the type of aircraft, departure and arrival airports, and the name of the airline. The app then calculates its crash stats from lots of different sources, such as the International Civil Aviation Organisation and the National Transportation Safety Board in the U.S., and then gives you the results along with the number of fatalities and volume of flights, all corroborated with data over the last ten years.

Am I Going Down App

The app might be popular especially after a particularly bad past year in the aviation industry, what with incidents involving Malaysia Airlines MH370 and AirAsia QZ8501. The app was developed by Nic Johns and Julie Postlethwaite of UK developer Vanilla Pixel, and the idea for the app came about due to Postlethwaite’s own fear of flying.

“Am I Going Down?” is available for Apple devices in the App Store. If you are about to fly somewhere, you might be advised to take a look. Then again, if it tells you that the odds are not stacked in your favour, would you actually cancel your flight?

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