How to play the secret World Cup game hidden inside Facebook Messenger


Facebook is rolling out some new features to Messenger ahead of the start of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The football themed extras, which are available to all users, includes new camera filters and frames and some hidden games, such as Keepie Uppies, which is incredibly addictive.

The new camera filters include the option to add face paint and custom wigs in the colours of each competing team to your photos. To use the new filters open the Messenger app and select the camera, tap on the football icon and select the team of your choice. Then just take a selfie and the effects will be added to your photo, which you can then share with your friends.

Also available are new camera frames that include the flag of all teams taking part in the World Cup. As the tournament gets underway you also see frames that represent the games that are being played at that moment.

As well as the new camera effects, the highlight of the World Cup themed update are the new and highly addictive games that have been hidden inside the Messenger app.

Keepie Uppie – this time round the Keepie Uppie game has been improved so that you can compete against friends representing the team of your choice. Simply send a flag and a football to one your friends and the game will begin. Keep on tapping on the screen to make sure the ball stays in the air. The person who doesn’t let the ball touch the ground is the winner.

theScore – available under the games tab in Messenger, theScore is a mini fantasy football game where you choose five players and compete against your friends. Once the games are underway you can see how your team is doing in real time.

Golden Boot – another new game added to Messenger is Golden Boot that lets you challenge your friends to see who is the best free kick taker.


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