PlayStation 4 Plans for a Major Software Update on Thursday


Owners of the PlayStation 4 will be happy to see numerous features added to the console this Thursday. An update called “Yukimura” will allow players to enhance their gaming experience. The biggest feature added will be suspend-and-resume. This allows gamers to spend less time waiting for their games to load and more time right in the middle of the action.

Users can essentially put their PS4 to sleep and resume by pressing the PlayStation button on their controller.

New backup features are also being added that will allow gamers to backup videos, games, downloads, video clips and screenshots to a USB drive. Social features are also being added so that users can search through Facebook friends to see who is playing.

Creating parties will be easier as well as taking screenshots when users receive a trophy.

Text-to-speech and larger text is also added in the latest patch. This will be available in the interface panel, in messages, and in party. Users will also be able to zoom in on pictures to see fine details of their screenshots.

The final exciting feature allows users to upload videos of their gameplay directly to video sharing site Dailymotion.

The new update, version 2.50, will be released on Thursday.


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