PlayStation 4 successfully jailbroken


2013 saw the release of the much-lauded PlayStation 4 and now five years later the console has been successfully jailbroken, allowing users to run their own game backups, custom apps and even install the Linux operating system. The only drawback is that the exploit only currently works on Firmware version 4.55.

It seems as history is repeating itself as the PS3 was also jailbroken, five years after its initial release in 2006.

A number of developers or should we say hackers? Have discovered the exploit in the 4.55 firmware leading them to investigate further into the possibilities of what can be achieved, including Linux installation, homebrews and of course the most popular feature, game dumps.

This is all well and good for users of 4.55 but anyone with a higher version will not be able to benefit from the exploit.

Although the users can gain more control over their console with 4.55 they will not be able to use any of online services provided by Sony.

It should be noted that the 5.05 is the current firmware version while 5.5 is at a beta testing stage, rumours circulating that an exploit is imminent for these versions as well although not confirmed.

So for users who wish to be a little bit naughty, it would be advised to remain on their current firmware.

More on this subject as we hear it.


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