Please don’t be so stupid as to use any of these passwords


It seems issues surrounding data security have been hitting the headlines on an almost daily basis just recently.

You might have thought that the recent Sony hacking, where it is alleged the hackers found the passwords to Sony’s internal network and scores of social media accounts in a folder named ‘Password’ might have acted as a lesson in what makes a good, secure online password.

However, according to data released by SplashData, people are still getting it hopelessly wrong when it comes to choosing a good password.

SplashData, which is a provider of online security services, has revealed its Worst Passwords of 2014 list.

Incredibly, it seems that people still use passwords such as ‘123456’ and ‘password’.

If your password appears anywhere on the list then you should change it right away.

Here is the list of Worst Passwords of 2014 in full

Rank Password Change from 2013
1 123456 No Change
2 password No Change
3 12345 Up 17
4 12345678 Down 1
5 qwerty Down 1
6 123456789 No Change
7 1234 Up 9
8 baseball New
9 dragon New
10 football New
11 1234567 Down 4
12 monkey Up 5
13 letmein Up 1
14 abc123 Down 9
15 111111 Down 8
16 mustang New
17 access New
18 shadow Unchanged
19 master New
20 michael New
21 superman New
22 696969 New
23 123123 Down 12
24 batman New
25 trustno1 Down 1

SplashData recommends using a password which is eight characters in length and features a mixture of letters and numbers.

You should also avoid using the same password across multiple multiple sites.

If you have a lot of online accounts you should consider using a service called LastPass, which we previously mentioned in this article.

You can also check just how secure your current password is by using this tool from Microsoft.




  1. pirata ako on

    Oh, so how did splashdata get these passwords anyway? did they ask people to divulge their passwords or did they hack their way to obtain them?

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