PM gives go ahead for 4G in Thailand


4G in Thailand to become part of ‘digital economy’.

Prime Minister Gen Prayuth Chan-o-cha has given the green light for Thailand to start the process of upgrading its mobile phone communications network to 4G.

Speaking at the PostToday event in Bangkok, the PM said that Thailand will start to hold an auction for the 4G communications license in 2015.

Gen Prayuth also outlined several targets set out by the government which will help to develop Thailand as a “digital economy”.

This included ensuring that all villages have access to a fibre optic network within the next 12 months, as well as to make fixed line broadband internet accessible to all household in Thailand, within the same period.

Gen Prayuth also said that speculation that the government was about to merge Thailand’s two state telecoms enterprises, CAT Telecom and TOT Plc, into one organisation, was incorrect.




  1. My mobilephone with DTAC subscription have the 4G symbol when i surf on the net here in Klong Toey, Bangkok.
    I have a brand new nano sim now, on my old micro sim i did not see any 4G symbol.

  2. Roland Banks on

    In Hua Hin there doesn’t appear to be any 4G on DTAC. I guess Bangkok and busy places only for the moment, but it would be great to get LTE on my iPhone…!

  3. Mark Schneider on

    Nearly the entire planet has 4G. Only sub saharan africa, laos and cambodia, join thailand as countries without it. This discussion is one of whether or not Thailand wants to join the 21st century, or admit they are one of the most backwards third world nations on earth. It must be a matter of pride. Thailand cannot fall too far behind the technology curve.

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