Pokémon Go in Thailand could threaten national security as authorities call for special zoning areas


Five mobile providers and telecoms groups in Thailand have agreed that zoning should be introduced to stop Pokémon Go being played in sensitive and secure areas of the country.

They want to see the likes of hospitals, government offices, public roads and areas of national security cleared of the critters that everyone is trying to catch in the augmented reality game that is sweeping the nation – and the world.

AIS, DTAC, TOT and CAT have all got behind True Corporation who are the license holders in Thailand to press the owners in Japan to ban Pokémon from inappropriate places, and a report has been prepared by True to present in Japan.

Meanwhile it has been reported that complaints from the public have been flooding in to the government’s 1200 hotline about trouble related to people playing Pokemon Go in Thailand.
And technology crime suppression police have been asked to check the Pokémon Go server.

TCSD’s Supachet Chokchai said that instructions had arrived from the national police bureau to check the server to ensure that the “rights of the public were not being impinged upon”.



  1. All they need to do, it’s to highlight on a map, the sites of national’s security where people do not suppose to play, so there will be no issues.
    Some notes to describe exactly why those places are so important, would also make sure that no Pokemon’s player will ever try to play there.