Pokemon GO will permanently BAN anyone found cheating at the game


Niantic Inc, the makers of Pokemon Go have started handing out permanent bans to anyone it thinks has been cheating at the game.

The company very discreetly updated its terms and conditions over the weekend to include a permanent ban for “violations of the Pokemon Go Terms of Service”.

Some of these violations include: “Falsifying your location, using emulators, modified or unofficial software and/or accessing Pokémon Go clients or backends in an unauthorized manner including through the use of third party software.”

Niantic says by updating the conditions of playing the game it is trying to provide a fair, fun and legitimate game for everyone.

The update was first spotted by Pokemon Go fans on Reddit and comes as some players have tried to use an array of techniques in order to try and get ahead in the game.

From jail-breaking their phones in order to try and circumvent the game’s geo restrictions, to attaching their phone to a ceiling fan or record player to fake the distance they have covered in the game.

Some users in Southeast Asia are even believed to have hired motorbike taxi drivers or tuk tuks to drive them around while playing.

Other Pokemon Go trainers have tried to download third party apps that tell them where all the Pokemon are located.

Niantic has already taken steps to close down these apps, with many no longer able to function after the company released its recent software update. However, a few apps have still managed to get around Niantic’s latest measures.

Previously anyone believed to be cheating on the game was handed a softer ban, with access to the game normally blocked for 12 hours.

However, it is not clear how Niantic is able to detect if a trainer had been cheating.

Anyone who gets banned can appeal the decision here.



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