Police hunt Eastern European gang who hit Thailand’s state bank ATMs with malware


Police are hunting a major gang from eastern Europe who have stolen at least 12 million baht from Omsin Bank ATMs in Bangkok and the south.

ATMs have been hit with a malware virus in Phuket, Chumporn, Prajuab Khiri Khan , Petchaburi and Bangkok, said police.

The thieves would introduce the malware onto the ATMs of Thailand’s state bank with an electronic card. The machines would then spew out cash for other gang members to collect.

Some 2-3 teams are suspected of operating the scam with around 25 thieves involved in total. Police believe the gangs are from eastern Europe.

Omsin Bank

All Omin Bank ATMs remain offline after being infected with malware

The problem is further exacerbated because when the theft has occurred the ATM will then reset back to normal with no indication that anything has happened.

Only when bank staff check the totals remaining against withdrawals from the ATMs will the extent of the theft be clear.

Omsin Bank said that 22 ATMs had been hit for at least 12 million baht with a further 200 ATMs being checked by the bank nationwide.

The problem is so serious that several police suppression divisions and agencies will be meeting with representatives from the banks this Friday to discuss what to do about the matter of malware at ATMs.


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