Police ordered to load Pokémon Go on their phones to help protect public!


Region 9 top brass responsible for Bangkok have ordered officers throughout the capital to load Pokémon Go on their phones and find out what it is all about.

They hope this will help them identify potential threats to the public and increase security.

Officers have been told to watch out for criminals who might take advantage of people playing the game in secluded areas. Theft and attack could occur – as it has abroad – as opportunistic criminals find new ways to break the law.

Pokemon Go police Thailand

Some police in Bangkok were wasting no time in carrying out the new orders.

Officers were seen in the Bang Khun Thian area of Thonburi in western Bangkok assessing areas where people may go to collect items used in the game.

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This entails the players or “trainers” possibly entering secluded areas to find “Pokestops”.

Police were seen using their phones to identify problem areas and familiarize themselves with the augmented reality game that has spread throughout the nation since it was introduced here a week ago.

Source: Thai News Agency


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