World Emoji Day: This is the most popular emoji used by Thais on Facebook


Emojis have taken over the mobile world, especially on social media, so much so that there is now even a day to celebrate those loveable graphics.

The world has been celebrating the third annual World Emoji Day (yes, it’s an actual thing), not that you needed a reason to send another emoji.

Perhaps the attention of World Emoji Day shouldn’t come as much as a surprise, given their huge popularity, convenience, ease of use and with the great of options to choose from.

In celebration, Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg shared a list of the top 10 most used emojis on the social network.

The list of course featured Thailand, with few people in the world having a love of Facebook quite like Thais.

Earlier this year it was revealed that Bangkok has the largest number of active Facebook users of any city in the world.

Thailand’s favourite emoji, according to Facebook is the happy smiling face, well Thailand is the Land of Smiles, right?

There’s no numbers or stats to accompany the chart but globally the tears emoji was found to be most popular followed by the heart-eyed emoji.

Thailand’s favourite emoji

Emoji Facebook


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