Popular file sharing site hacked, 995,000 user accounts compromised


Have I Been Pwned (HIPD), the website that allows users to check if their login credentials have been compromised has said that file-sharing site Bolt has been hacked, putting around one million accounts in jeopardy.

HIPB is a site that allows users to find out if their personal data has been accessed via unauthorised parties by collating data from hundreds of millions of leaked accounts. You can check your information using your email address or username.

Most of the information in the tweet was clear although “salted” maybe a term that many are unfamiliar with.

“Salt” refers to data which may have been used to help disguise or protect passwords using something called “hash”.

Hash, is a technique that which makes a unit of information or data encrypted.

Using a salt, means companies can store passwords in an encrypted form, rather than using plaintext which would make it easy for them to be accessed should they be compromised by hackers.

File sharing is becoming increasingly common both for business and personal uses. Insightpartners.com revealed that the industry was worth $1.35 billion in 2015 but by 2025 that is expected to be $10.57 billion.

Generally, the security of sites such as Google Drive and Dropbox is extremely high with these sites being viewed as safe ways to store sensitive digital documents. However, as their popularity increases so too does their attraction to hackers aiming to steal sensitive data for their own gain.

Even back in 2004, sites were targeted by worms such as Phatbot and, as you can imagine, in 2017 the amount of data contained on file sharing networks has increased dramatically.

Currently, it is not known who is responsible for the cyber attack on Bolt.


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