Popular torrent site blocked on Chrome and Firefox


Torrent users have been dealt a major blow after a leading torrent site has been blocked by two of the most popular web browsers.

This week Chrome and Firefox users trying to access TorrentDownloads have been greeted with a message which warns users about a “deceptive site ahead”.

Chrome users visiting the site see a message which reads: “Attackers on torrentdownloads.me may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or revealing your personal information (for example, passwords, phone numbers or credit cards.

“Google Safe Browsing recently detected phishing on torrentdownloads.me. Phishing sites pretend to be other websites to trick you.”

A similar warning is displayed on FireFox: “This web page at torrentdownloads.me has been reported as a deceptive site and has been blocked based on your security preferences.

“Deceptive sites are designed to trick you into doing something dangerous, like installing software, or revealing your personal information, like passwords, phone numbers or credit cards.”



TorrentDownloads was reportedly among the top 10 most popular torrent sites.

Speaking to Torrentfreak, the owner of the site said: “The warnings had been triggered by a rogue advertiser which was immediately removed from the site.

“We have already requested a review with Google Webmaster after we removed an old affiliates advertiser and changed the links on the site.

“In Google Webmaster they state that the request will be processed within 72 hours, so I think it will be reviewed today when 72 hours are completed.”

Last year Google Chrome users trying to access the Pirate Bay were shown a similar warning.

This block of TorrentDownloads is the latest in a number of setbacks to hit torrent sites in 2017.

Earlier this year some of the world’s most popular sites including ExtraTorrent, Torrentz.eu and KickAss Torrents all suddenly closed down.

2017 has also been the year where broadcasters, content creators and law enforcement agencies have stepped up their efforts in tackling online piracy, with threats of more severe penalties being dished out for the people responsible for operating the sites.


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