PornHub hacked! But don’t worry, hackers aren’t going to share your embarrassing data


Hackers have managed to access the private information about members of the adult website PornHub – but have promised not to leak the data.

The two ‘white hat hackers’ took part in a ‘bug bounty’ and received a $20,000 reward after they managed to reveal security vulnerabilities in the site.

The site, which has its headquarters in Montreal launched its bug bounty program in May in a bid to try and protect itself from cyber criminals and online attacks.

Security researchers Ruslan Habalov and Dario WeiBer accepted the bug bounty challenge and discovered a number of serious exploits – including one that could be used to leak the personal details of all of its users.

Habalov revealed the full details of the discovery in a blog post.

He said that the vulnerability meant he had enough information to “dump the complete database of Pornhub including all sensitive user information,” potentially causing huge embarrassment for millions of users around the world.

PornHub has since said it is fixed the exploit in a patch issued last month.

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Pornhub is one of the most visited websites in the world, with around 60 million visits per day. It has more than 4 million registered users, the majority of which are male aged between 35 and 76.

The site averages more than 78 billion video views annually, with people spending on average around 9 mins watching videos.

Earlier this year, PornHub announced it would start including virtual reality videos on the site, which have been optimised for both iOS and Android and are playable through a VR headset such as Samsung Gear VR or the budget Google Cardboard.

The announcement in March, mean that Pornhub became the first adult website to include 360 degree adult movies and gave away 10,000 pairs of the Google Cardboard to help users enjoy the immersive experience.



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