Powerbeats 3 review: Workout earphones for any iGadget


By Paisal Chuenprasaeng
The Nation

They’re tiny, but Powerbeats 3 Wireless can roll that thunder

Powerbeats 3 Wireless Bluetooth earphones from Beats by Dre allow you to enjoy good-quality music from your iPhone, iPad or iPod while exercising.

The battery will last up to 12 hours and there’s no chance of getting a shock while you sweat. The earphones are easily connected to your iOS or MacOS device with a builtin Apple W1 chip.

Just hold the Powerbeats 3 in one hand and your phone in the other and the chip will prompt the phone to display a connection screen. The rest is just as simple.

Powerbeats 3 Wireless

Once linked, you can use the earphones with any nearby iPad, iPod or Macbook without having to look for a new link every time, because setting is stored in your iCloud account. While jogging or working out, you don’t have to worry about the earphones slipping off.

There are ear hooks locking them to your lobes. These are flexible and adjustable to be fixed on securely. You also have four pairs of ear tips to choose among for the best fit inside the ear canals for an even more secure fit. The cable is also adjustable around the neck. You just grip the end of the loop and slide the “cable management clip” in either direction.

Powerbeats 3

The Powerbeats 3 has micro USB port for recharging the battery. A five-minute charge generates an hour of playback. There’s an LED display showing battery status. If it’s white, you have plenty of power. If it turns red, you’re below an hour. Blinking red means you’re down to 15 minutes.

A builtin microphone and RemoteTalk feature support Siri voice commands. The RemoteTalk control has volume buttons and a multifunction button to use for playing and pausing music and skipping tracks, as well as receiving and ending phone calls and activating the Siri voicecommand function. For inear earphones, the bass level reproduced is pretty amazing, and that’s on top of thrilling highs and midtones.

In short, they’re great for listening to tunes. You can get the Powerbeats 3 Wireless in Trophy Gold, Black, White, Flash Blue, Siren Red or Shock Yellow from www.Apple.com/th/shop for Bt7,700.

Powerbeats 3 KEY SPECS

– Type: Inear
– MacOS, iOS feature: Apple W1 chip for easy connection, switching between devices
– Connection: Bluetooth Class 1 Battery: Rechargeable lithiumion with 12 hours of playback
– Port: MicroUSB for battery charging
– Call and control: Remote and mic, inline volume control
– In the box: Four sizes of ear tips, carrying case, USB charging cable


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