PrimeTime video streaming service launches in Thailand


For expats, getting access to great TV and movies from the US, Europe and elsewhere is often highly desirable. Thai company PrimeTime Entertainment launched its video-on-demand (VOD) service a couple of weeks ago, that allows you to watch streamed content in HD, at reasonable prices. You might be able to find movies and TV on pirate sites, but with services such as Netflix and now PrimeTime, you can usually guarantee that the quality is up to scratch.

The company says that “our goal is to deliver video content to consumers quickly and on the connected device of their choice”.

PrimeTime launches in Thailand

PrimeTime UI

PrimeTime has more than a thousand blockbuster movies and two thousand TV episodes on offer each year, from some of the major studios like Walt Disney, Paramount, Fox, Sony Pictures and more. The videos are streamed in full HD (1080p) and come with DTS Surround 5.1 audio.

There are several different packages to choose from – the first being “premier movies” which means pay just 100 baht to watch a movie, and when it starts you have 48 hours in which to finish watching – similar to Apple’s iTunes.

There’s also a package called “movie buffet” which is the main movie library, including movies that aren’t necessarily new, but typically several years old. The kind of movies that you like to watch when there’s nothing much else to do. However, it’s only 199 baht each month, or 2,388 baht for a full year, and you can thankfully watch the movies an unlimited number of times. The company also offers a kind of combo package, in which you can watch new rental movies and “movie buffet” for 299 baht per month, which provides two tickets for premier movies.

PrimeTime Promo

Besides movies, there’s a TV-oriented package called, predictably, “series”, which includes a variety of popular TV series like Homeland and Person of Interest. So far though, there’s not a huge selection but more should be added each month – including Criminal Minds, Grey’s Anatomy, and many more. This deal costs 299 a month. You can also opt to buy the combo package of “movie buffet” and “series” for 549 baht a month.

How do I watch PrimeTime?

It’s easy to get started with the service. After you’ve signed up and subscribed, you can watch on pretty much any device – including mobile phones, tablets, a computer or an Android TV set-top-box. Just do a search for PrimeTime in the app store for your prospective device and you’ll find the app.

Thankfully, if you speak English but have Thai family members or friends, you can easily switch between both languages – you can choose both the audio track and the subtitles.

All in all, PrimeTime looks like being a great new service, and we look forward to hearing your comments if you’ve tried the service, or are considering signing up.

To learn more, you can visit the PrimeTime website.



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