More problems for Kodi streamers as TVAddons disappears without a trace


TVAddons, the leading unofficial library for Kodi addons, appears to be the latest Kodi site to unexpectedly shut down.

Last week, news broke that TVAddons was the subject of legal action in the United States due to copyright infringement.

Today, the site’s domains are inaccessible with the DNS entries having been removed.

There is no official word on why TVAddons has been taken offline but the given the recent lawsuit, it appears that the popular site, which is estimated to have around 40 million unique users per month, is the latest to close in the wake of the global crackdown on Kodi and illegal streaming.

TorrentFreak reports that even the TVAddons Facebook page has been removed and that emails have not only gone unanswered but have been met with an error message, which suggests that the site’s email address is no longer working.


While this could just be a temporary glitch, if TVAddons has ceased operating, this will be the biggest blow yet to the Kodi community.

TVAddons was arguably the largest and most popular site of its kind and home to thousands of different addons.

The news comes just a week after other popular Kodi addons, including Phoenix and ZemTV have also suddenly shutdown.

Illegal streaming via Kodi is currently the subject of a global crackdown.

While the Kodi software is not illegal, its open source nature means it is commonly used to stream copyrighted content such as movies, the latest TV shows and sporting events, like Premier League Football.


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