Problems with Windows 10 Anniversary update? It’s already crashing computers – here’s a fix


Users are already reporting problems after installing the Windows 10 Anniversary update.

Microsoft only began rolling out the mega update to Windows 10 on Tuesday but almost immediately users starting reporting major issues, with some claiming it had damaged their computers.

Users took to the web to complain about an array of issues with the new update.

A thread on Reddit is rapidly being inundated with comments from users who are reporting severe problems, the most notable being repeated and prolonged freezes of computers and laptops since the update was installed.

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A user on Reddit said that his machine started to freeze up upon starting and even after he restarted several times, he could not access the Start Menu or Taskbar.

The user then rolled back to the pre-update version of Windows and the everything started working again as normal.

Another major issue users reported after installing the Anniversary Update is that it had disabled Cortana, knocking out its own digital assistant, which ironically is set for a major upgrade with this new version.

Cortana to become a more central part of Windows 10 in the Anniversary Update

Cortana to become a more central part of Windows 10 in the Anniversary Update

How to roll back to pre-Anniversary Update Windows 10

If you have already received the Windows 10 Anniversary Update or installed it yourself from the Microsoft website but want to roll back to the pre-update version you can do so by following these steps:

  1. Perform a hard restart of your computer
  2. At the password login screen, hold down the shift key while simultaneously click on the power button in the bottom right, and select restart.
  3. This will then take you to advanced options.
  4. Next, select Rollback to previous build.
  5. Follow the onscreen steps.

Users commenting in the thread on Reddit thanked others for offering help in fixing the problem but criticized Microsoft saying that not everyone had access to such information.

Of course, as with any new software rollout those who are first to install the update could well find minor bugs and glitches.

If you haven’t yet updated, you can check if you can update by clicking on the Start Menu, then Settings, the Update & Security.

Alternatively, you can install the update yourself by following these steps, but given the reports of some early bugs, it may be advisable to wait until these problems with Windows 10 Anniversary Update are fixed.



  1. thanks for the report. I am waiting with the W10 upgrade till these reports come . Only when there are no “bad” experiences reported anymore, Iwill start using Windowns again, till then, Ubuntu does a fantastic job for me. =:)

  2. I’d wager to say that most of those machines were broken before they even started trying to upgrade…