Product Review – iPhone 6 Plus tempered glass screen protector


The iPhone 6 Plus tempered glass screen protector was provided to Thai Tech to review by electronics retailer ProMobilEZ. More details and a discount code can be found at the end of this article.

You know what it’s like when you’ve just bought a new smartphone and want to keep it free from scratches and damage. Many people opt to cover their shiny new devices in a protective film, which keeps the screen relatively pristine and also means that when you come to sell the phone, you can sell it for a premium.

Unfortunately, many of those cheap films that you see in mobile phone shops in Thailand aren’t really up to the job. Luckily, Dr Banks was recently furnished with a tempered glass screen protector for an iPhone 6 Plus, and decided to bestow the item on his other half to test with an iPhone. Lucky girl.

What’s the deal with tempered glass?

Tempered glass screen protectors, as the name implies, are made from real glass rather than a sheet of plastic. The theory is that they’ll withstand many more knocks and scrapes. The item we tested also claims the following benefits:

  • An oil resistant coating (oleophobic) that resists fingerprints
  • A 9H rating of hardness (that’s pretty hard)
  • Ultra slim and 35% lighter than similar products

The produced tested included some extras such as a screen cleaning cloth, to make sure there were no microscopic particles of dust on the screen prior to adhesion. Since applying these kind of protectors is quite fiddly, we actually had assistance from a salesperson at a mobile phone stall – the thinking being that these things are easy to affix incorrectly and it’s the sort of thing they do all day long, so it should go without a hitch…

Here’s a shot of the screen protector being affixed and the protective layer being peeled off:

Screen Protector 1

Once the protective layer has been removed, it’s fairly simple to actually line the cover up with the iPhone itself. As you can see, never trust taking clear pictures to an amateur…

iPhone 6 Plus tempered glass screen protector

Applying the protector took just a few minutes, after which we reluctantly agreed to test the damage-resistance properties – here we asked a volunteer to attempt to damage the screen (don’t try this at home, folks)…luckily, it withstood some pretty serious punishment.

iPhone 6 Plus tempered glass screen protector

Finally, here’s a closeup of the screen protector fully fitted to the iPhone…as you can see, it is not designed to fit fully flush right up to the edges, but it does cover the entire screen and most of the body of the phone. It’s a pity that this particular model doesn’t quite reach the edges of the iPhone, as it leaves a few areas exposed.

iPhone 6 Plus tempered glass screen protector

The screen protector as applied to the iPhone 6 Plus.

In summary, it’s well worth fitting a tempered glass screen protector to your expensive smartphone. The glass variety does seem much stronger than the flimsy plastic ones, and should hep to protect and extend the life of your phone for years to come.

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70% Pretty good

The tempered glass screen protector is a durable and tough product, that should stand up to most abuse. It would be nice if it fitted the body of the iPhone a little better.

  • ThaiTech rating 70 %
  • User Ratings (2 Votes) 90 %

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