Google’s Project Ara modular smartphone delayed until 2016


Google’s high profile Project Ara, which is a customisable, modular smartphone where users can swap out components for better cameras, processors, and batteries, has been delayed until next year – it was originally slated to launch this year in Puerto Rico (of all places!).

Project Ara delayed

Google’s Project Ara team took to Twitter last week to confirm that it was still “busy making stuff” but it would no longer launch in the Latin American country and would have more details soon.

As of today the team has posted a series of new tweets – but they will disappoint anyone who was waiting on getting their hands on a Project Ara handset this year.

The tweets started off with Google saying it was considering a new launch location in the US but then posted “When? 2016”.

There has not yet been a full explanation why the smartphone will be delayed, but a following tweet claimed that the number of iterations necessary to advance the hardware and software was “more than we thought”.

We’ll keep an eye on Project Ara’s Twitter account to see if any more nuggets of information are released in the near future…but it looks like the modular smartphone dream is still some way off.

SOURCE: TechRadar.


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