Project Bloks: Google’s great new initiative to teach kids how to code


Being able to understand even the basics of coding is seen as an important skill for the 21st century and one that is going to get even more crucial as time goes by.

The problem is code is not easy to understand and that is why Google has come up with “tangible programming” with its new imitative – Project Bloks, which aims to make coding a more hands on experience – quite literally.

Basically, there are two types of physical bloks, that can be attached together to create something real such as a musical instrument or toy that can send data to a computer or smartphone.
The first type is a “Base Board”; these are small square blocks that pair with “pucks”.

Pucks are dials or switches that take input from the programmer and the Base Boards then translate this input into code.

The pucks then have a “Brain Board” which collects all the data and communicates it to the controlling system for example a speaker or remote control toy.

This is by no means a new idea but Google brings awareness and a huge developer network to the table.

Google’s Project Bloks is an open-source idea that allows developers around the world to come up with pucks and Brain Boards as well as devices that will work with them.

Project Bloks is certainly work in progress but there is no doubt that Google will bring more attention to the growing trend of physical computer toys as well as introducing children to the concept of programming computers.

The whole idea can only be applauded and encouraged every step of the way.

You can find out more about Project Bloks by watching the video below.


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