Project Neon: Major Windows 10 redesign revealed in new leaked images


Windows 10 set to get a major redesign later this year.

A series of new leaked images reveal what Microsoft has planned for the next major update of its popular operating system.

Codenamed Project Neon, the redesign will reportedly see Microsoft introduce a host of new animations and blurring effects, as well as making use of larger bold text and more white space, in a bid to improve usability across multiple platforms.

According to the exclusive screen shots obtained by popular tech blog MSPoweruser the redesign looks more like Apple’s OS X operating system than any interface Microsoft has released previously.

As part of the new update, which will reportedly be released in April, Microsoft is expected to introduce a feature to its Acrylic design language.

Image: MSPoweruser

This will enable developers to further customise the appearance of many of the universal apps found in Windows 10. As well as looking different to any other Windows interface, Project Neon is an important part of Microsoft’s efforts with virtual reality and 3D.

The new design language means that users will be able to interact with Windows in other ways such as HoloLens, rather than the more traditional keyboard, mouse or touchscreen.

More details are expected to be released about Project Neon at Microsoft’s developer conference in May, which will come hot on the heels of when the Redmond tech giant is expected to roll out it next blockbuster Windows 10 update, dubbed the Creators Update. The update is aimed at workers in media and other creative industries and will help designers to implement 3D models like never before.

Project Neon Windows 10

Image: MSPoweruser


In preparation for the introduction of 3D, Microsoft has announced that its classic app Paint will be completely redesigned in order to accommodate a host of new features. The redesign will see users be able to draw 3D images on their screen using either their mouse or Surface pen.

New 3D related features will also be added to other apps such as Microsoft Powerpoint, which will help to transform slides and user presentations like never before.

The Windows 10 Creators Update will also add a host of new benefits for gamers that will help boost PC performance and stability while playing games online.

Microsoft is also rumoured to be working on a new Home Hub, which will help to transform your PC into a voice guided smart device to rival Google Home or Amazon Echo.

The new Home Hub would let users control connected devices from their PC using Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana.


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