Prominent Thai doctor issues health warning about playing Pokemon Go


A prominent Thai doctor in Bangkok has warned of dire consequences from playing Pokemon Go.

As Pokemania continues to sweep the country in the first week of its launch Dr Banjop Chunhasawtdikun of Thurakit Bandit University in Bangkok has warned those playing the game.

He said that:

  • Supposed health benefits are just an illusion
  • Children will develop attention deficit disorder
  • Everyone is out and about but no one is interacting with each other in any meaningful way
  • Workers will develop “Office Syndrome” with bad backs, bad shoulders and eye problems

He warned that anyone playing more than an hour a day would be in trouble, Daily News reported.

Meanwhile, police were out in force in Chantaburi town where hundreds of people were out in the downtown public park playing the game.

The patrols warned people to play appropriately and said that if that was not the case the public could make complaints against individuals who annoyed them.

Pokemon Go players in Thailand

People playing Pokemo Go in Chantaburi . Image: Daily News

They also warned people that criminals were bound to take advantage of the situation by targeting “trainers” in secluded places for theft or other malicious activity.

And in Surat Thani Central department store announced that their entire area was open for people to play the game and hundreds were milling about catching the cartoon characters and collecting items at Pokestops and using “lure module” to entice Pokémon.

District authorities in the southern province also asked police to make sure that the public playing the game were well looked after as many people were out and about.


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