Quadcopter drone crash lands into the White House


A quadrocopter drone crash landed in the grounds of the White House during the early hours of Monday morning, the Secret Service confirmed.

The White House and immediate vicinity were sent into lockdown as Secret Service officials investigated the incident.

After any potential terror related threat was ruled out, agency officials confirmed the device was a quadrocopter drone.

The person responsible for flying the drone was later found to be a US government employee who told Secret Service officials he was flying his drone above the South Lawn of the White House at 3am for recreational use when he lost control of the device.

President Obama and first lady Michelle are currently in India, although it remains unclear if any other family members were inside the White House at the time of the incident.

Quadcopter drone crash lands into the White House

This is the drone which crash landed at the White House. Pic; Secret Service

The Secret Service later released a photograph of the drone, which looks like a DJI Phantom Vision 2 that can retail for as much as 50,000 THB.

The incident is likely to further fuel the debate on amongst lawmakers and drone enthusiasts over the need to regulate the use of quadcopters.

Drones have become hugely popular for recreational use all over the world. However, the widespread usage of such devices has created a headache for regulators.

In the UK, the flying of drones is set to be heavily regulated after a series of incidents, including one where a quadcopter was flown into the flight path at Heathrow Airport, has meant that the government will announce strict new laws related to using drones.

In Thailand, the flying of drones for recreational use looks set to be banned outright after the devices were deemed as a potential threat to national security and an invasion to personal privacy.

Source: USA Today



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  2. Jerry Schuller on

    The headline is wrong! It is very misleading. It did not crash land INTO the White House. It crash landed in the GROUNDS of the White House. He got it right in the text of the article.