Qualcomm announces new WiPower charging for mobiles


Qualcomm has just announced that it’s now the first company to produce wireless charging tech that even works on metal devices. WiPower doesn’t need plastic phones, which means it can charge all types of devices, at a distance. It can even charge several at the same time. According to Qualcomm it’s one of the most easy to use wireless charging systems available today.

WiPower charges wirelessly even at distance

The new tech from Qualcomm solves many of the current problems with NFC-based charging. And unlike Qi charging you don’t have to place the device, be it a tablet or smartphone, very precisely either. As long as it’s in the charging zone it will charge without needing alignment. And if you have several devices they’ll both charge simultaneously.

Even better than that is the fact that the system can be installed underneath desks to hide the units. The US company and maker of snapdragon CPU chips, says that WiPower operates in the Rezence standard and will charge devices even faster than current technology.

Based on Near Field Magnetic Resonance technology, WiPower enables greater flexibility and convenience in wireless charging, allowing a wide range of compatible consumer-electronic and handset devices to charge without the need for precise alignment or direct physical contact. Additionally, the technology enables simultaneous charging of multiple devices with different power requirements while using Bluetooth Smart to minimize hardware requirements.

Smartphone makers are expected to adopt the technology from Qualcomm fairly quickly as it means they don’t need to forego metal. Devices like the HTC One M9 for example, don’t have such a wireless charging feature as it’s not currently possible – until now. Metal gets in the way and affects the performance of technologies such as Qi, but Qualcomm says the design behind WiPower will be available for license, so that companies can build it into their own products.

SOURCE: 9to5Google.com.


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