Quench your thirst for attention with Coca Cola’s new selfie bottle


We all thought that the selfie stick craze had died out but it appears that Coke is trying to bring it back!

They have launched a new device that attaches to the bottom of their 500ml bottles and when the bottle it tilted to 70 degrees it takes a picture of you taking a swig – how handy!

The photos can be transferred to your computer as there is a USB port in base.

Coca Cola Selfie Bottle

The selfie bottle created by an advertising and marketing agency in Israel for Coca Cola’s Summer Love ad campaign.

You may be disappointed to know that the device may not make it on to sale in Thailand, or indeed the UK or other parts of Europe!

Apparently the point of the device is to allow drinkers to share pictures of themselves on Snapchat or Instagram, or as the ad agency describes it: “share their special moments just by drinking.”


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