Quick 5-Second Videos With Quickie App


Quickie is a new app that is being released on iOS. The app allows you to make 1-on-1 video calls that only last 5 seconds. These calls can be made to friends to tell them a joke, or simply to say “hi” to a loved one.

Ben Cera of the Quickie Company states that people often drag on phone calls to get a simple message across. With Quickie, users will be able to quickly say hi to a friend. The goal of the company’s app is to be more personal than text messaging and less timely than a phone call where you rarely see the person’s face.

The way the app works is it will alert your friend that you want to make a quick call. Think of Quickie as a timed Skype or FaceTime session. If the friend approves, you will be connected immediately for a brief, timed 5-sercond call. Both users will be able to interact with each other during the call. Many users will see Quickie as a mix of other apps, such as “Yo” and “Snapchat.”

While 5-seconds is the default timer, users will have the option of changing the call time to a maximum of 60-seconds.


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