Quickly delete embarrassing search history from your smartphone with this simple tip


Some things we are more than happy for Google to know, our location when we are looking at Google Maps for instance, but there are other things that we may prefer to stay private.

Thankfully, there is a trick that works on Android smartphones which allows you to quickly delete your search history from your phone or any other device that is associated with your Google account for that matter.

All you have to do is tap the search bar in the widget found on your home screen and a list of your most recent searches will appear.

If you press and hold the search that you want to delete you can get rid of it instantly from your Google history.

The video below show Google search history being removed from an Android phone.

In addition, you need to be aware that Google keeps a track record of your browsing on the Account page.

To view this go to: My Account > Personal Info & Privacy > Activity Controls.

In this area, you will also find your location data, web searches and YouTube views and this helps Google target its marketing.

An alternative to deleting search data is to use Incognito mode as your browsing history will be kept private on your computer.

For iPhone users you can access this by tapping the two squares at the bottom right of the Safari app and then tap Private.

If you’re using Chrome on an Android device tap the three dots in the search bar and select New Incognito tab.

But even these are not always as private as you might think.


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