This really could put you off ever buying a HTC phone


HTC has caused outrage amongst some customers by placing adverts across their phone’s keyboard.

The annoying new feature means that ad banners appear covering the top row of keys and the word suggest box meaning that users have no choice but to stop what they are doing to read or close the banner.

As if this wasn’t enough, there has also been speculation that everything that users type including PIN codes is being recorded.

The issue or feature first appeared over the weekend but HTC have responded quickly claiming that it was a ‘mistake’.

It was Reddit user Azirack that posted images first and not surprisingly this attracted a lot of attention.

HTC handsets come pre-installed with a third-party keyboard called TouchPal.

The free version of TouchPal comes with ads, but they’re not supposed to appear on HTC’s phones.

“TouchPal is a third-party app,” the HTC said on Twitter.

It’s also been telling affected users to “Please go to Settings>Apps>All apps>Look for the app (TouchPal)>Uninstall updates”.

The rogue update that has been rolled out has caused TouchPal to receive plenty of criticism and many users are now threatening to switch to other keyboard apps, with Gboard looking likely to get the most benefit.

“Due to an error, some HTC customers have reported seeing ads on their phone’s keyboard,” HTC told Engadget

“This is absolutely not the experience we intended, and we’re working to immediately fix the error and remove the ads as quickly as possible.”


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