Received a lot of spam in your Outlook or Hotmail recently? Here’s the reason why


Users of Outlook and Hotmail have been receiving a much higher amount of junk emails due a problem with the spam filters on Microsoft’s email services.

The problem began on Tuesday afternoon with some users still reporting issues by Thursday morning, with inboxes said to be overflowing with emails from Nigerian princes eager to share their apparent wealth, as well as other junk.

Microsoft acknowledged the problem on Tuesday evening and said it was able to issue a fix that would stop the flow of spam to inboxes and also toughen its own infrastructure.

“We’ve successfully implemented the short term fix, which has reduced the amount of spam mail reaching your inbox. The second, longer term fix, is being deployed throughout our infrastructure and is approximately 80 per cent complete,” read a statement which appeared briefly on the Office 365 service status page.

office status

Many users took to Twitter to complain about the problems, which did not appear to be limited to one region.

Microsoft has not disclosed the cause of the problem.

Outlook had 400 million users when Microsoft transferred its email service from Hotmail back in 2013.


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