Purchased by LinkedIn


Social networking giant LinkedIn has purchased for an undisclosed amount. Refresh will be shut down completely by April 15th with its core technology being used by LinkedIn. Refresh will see 12 of 15 employees work for LinkedIn after the acquisition.

Refresh is an app that allowed users to find out more information about their Facebook and LinkedIn friends. The app would create an updated profile of the person by finding recent interactions, news mentions and various other information.

Predictive computing, what offers, is a field that LinkedIn has been working diligently to enter. The company already starting integrating this technology into their system through their “Connected” app. LinkedIn has not stated what portions of the Refresh app they will be using, or if they plan on using just the team’s experience as they build out Connected.

LinkedIn already offers very accurate connection suggestions. Using the team’s experience or functionality will put LinkedIn at the forefront of the predictive computing industry.

Refresh will stay open until April 15th, but no new users will be able to sign up for the service. The company has released a statement that explains that users will be mailed information on how they can download any notes they have stored on the platform.


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