Remember Tamagotchis? They’re back and coming to your smartphone


Here’s the next smartphone craze to sweep Thailand

While Pokemon Go might be all but a distant memory, another classic game is set to make a comeback.

Bandai Namco, the Japanese video game developer, has recently announced they are developing a new version of Tamagotchi for mobile devices.

Way back in 1996 Tamagotchi’s took the world by storm and were often seen in school playgrounds. The hand-held pixelated pet simulator were sold as miniature plastic eggs that could be hung from a keychain.

Such was there success and popularity they became a rival to Merlin’s line of Premier League football stickers and Matchbox cars and laid the foundation for another analogue trends such as beanie babies and Pokémon series.

Tamagotchi has never been far from the limelight as Bandai Namco has introduced various guises over the years including a 20th anniversary edition last year. Last year’s iteration proved a success and is most likely the reason for this new version.

This latest generation called My Tamagotchi Forever will once again have you feeding and nurturing a digital creature. The app will be free to download and play with the option to buy and unlock features.

The success of the recently released CryptoKitties, a cryptocurrency game in which players also have to care for a pet and furnish it with accessories using digicoins, could also be a factor in Bandai’s new venture.

My Tamagotchi Forever will be available on both Google Android and Apple’s iOS giving a whole new generation that feeling of guilt when it dies due to neglect by the user!


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