Remember the terrifying robot dog? Well now it can fight off humans


Remember the video of the terrifying robot dog we shared with you last week? Well it’s back and it’s even more terrifying.

A new video of SpotMini, the robot dog created by Boston Dynamics shows the moment it uses brute strength to fight off a human armed with a hockey stick and escape from a laboratory.

SpotMini, which has four legs, a long trunk and an extendable claw for a head, somewhat resembles the deadly robotic dogs which featured in Black Mirror episode ‘Metalhead’.

It is by using its metal claw that SpotMini can open doors and fight off anything that tries to stop it.

According to Boston Dynamics, the latest video is an example of the computer controlled dog “adjusting behaviour when progress gets off track”.

“This testing does not irritate or harm the robot,” the company added.

After the fight, the man in the video tries to drag SpotMini to the ground by its lead but the robot dog is too strong and is still able to open the door and escape from the laboratory.

As well as SpotMini, Boston Dynamics has also created Atlas, a 6ft 5 inch humanoid that can do backflips.

‘Semadog’ from Black Mirror episode Metalhead


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