Remember The Sims? Well, it’s coming to iPhone and Android smartphones


Classic life simulation game The Sims is coming to iPhone and Android smartphones, its maker Electronic Arts has announced.

The firm said the game will launch globally “soon”, although the game is already available in Brazil, it has been reported.

This isn’t the first time The Sims has been launched on mobile.

However The Sims Mobile, which is the latest version of the game, looks to more closely resemble the popular PC and consular versions of the game.

Being a life simulator, the game is played by you creating a Sim, choosing how the look and deciding on life goals, before going off to create a family.

The idea is to grow your family for generations and live out the life of your character in the virtual world of the game which you access through your smartphone.

Electronics Arts have released a trailer which gives users an insight into the new game.

Sound like fun?

Perhaps not but if the older versions of the game are anything to go by it is sure to be insanely popular, especially with teenage kids.

Parents, you have been warned.


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