How to remove the Browser Shop adware virus


The Browser Shop virus has to be just about the most annoying piece of malicious adware that can infect your computer.

If you’ve been unlucky enough to have Browser Shop infect your PC then you’ll know exactly where we’re coming from.

If you’re not aware of Browser Shop then it is well worth familiarising yourself with this particular piece of malware given that there has just recently been a big increase in the number of PCs the virus is infecting.

Aside from Browser Shop being annoying, it’s also harmful to your computer but more concerning is that it can be incredibly difficult to get rid of.

What is Browser Shop?

Browser Shop ads

Examples of the Browser Shop Ads highlighted by the arrows

Browser Shop is a web-browser add on which works on Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. It’s advertised as a useful tool that will display coupons and promo codes on products for sale on e-commerce sites.

The problem is that Browser Shop is anything but useful.

The add on is pure adware and has been created specifically to take advantage of web users in order to make money.

How does Browser Shop work?

Browser Shop works by displaying a range of advertisements which appear when you’re online.

Typically it displays banners and pop-ups, as well as in text ads where it underlines selected keywords or phrases and turns page text into hyperlinks.

The ads will normally read “Powered by Browser Shop” and are there to generate traffic so that the unscrupulous creators of Browser Shop can reap in the pay-per-click ad revenue.

Browser Shop normally infects computers by via other programs or files you download off the internet and it is likely you will have had no idea the malware was even on your PC.

More often than not, Browser Shop is bundled in with stuff downloaded from sites such as Softsonic and CNET or via torrent sites such as Pirate Bay or similar.

How to remove Browser Shop pop-up ads?

This is an example of the Extension list in Google Chrome

This is an example of the Extension list in Google Chrome

Browser Shop can be notoriously difficult to remove.

It goes without saying that as with any virus or malicious adware you should start by running a virus and/or malware scan using the anti virus software on your computer.

If you’ve not got anti virus software installed, then quite frankly, what are you even doing near a computer?

The problem with Browser Shop is that not all anti-virus software detects it and even if it is detected the software can sometimes be unable to remove it completely.

We had luck with removing Browser Shop using Norman Security Suite 11, but other antivirus/malware software such as Malwarebytes may also be able to do the job.

If your antivirus software doesn’t completely remove Browser Shop there are a couple of other things you will need to do.

Step 1> Go to the Control Panel, then click Uninstall a Program (or Add or Remove Programs) and select Browser Shop from the list.

Step 2> This is perhaps most important: you need to remove the Browser Shop extension from your web browser – normally in the Settings or Ad-Ons option in Chrome and Firefox, respectively.

The problem here is that the extension comes in a variety of different names and is unlikely to be called “Browser Shop”.

Other names the extension might be called include Social Face, Flash Save, MultiLogin and Chrome Reload, but it could that it is called something completely different on your machine.

Therefore, make sure you remove any browser extensions or ad-ons which look unfamiliar or which you know for sure you didn’t install.

Make sure you repeat this step on all the web browsers you use.

Hopefully this should now have removed the Browser Shop adware virus from your computer but to be sure, you might want to reinstall your web browser and then run another anti-virus scan.





  1. Seems this is targeted at the same dumb people that end up with Biadu installed on their PC’s.