Report highlights incredible lengths Apple factory workers go to leak info about new products


A new report has given incredible insight to the extent Apple goes to to try and keep information about its new products being made public.

According to a report from The Outline, Apple’s Global Security Team even hire experts from the Secret Service, NSA and FBI in a bid to keep product leaks to a minimum.

The majority of the leaks come from Apple’s supply chain in China, which is where Apple’s new products are assembled.

This is also where someone working on one of Apple’s products can sell information on said product. .

According to The Outline, Apple and its supply partners screen around 2.7 million people every day to ensure they are not taking anything out the factory or from the production line they shouldn’t be.

However, despite these efforts lots of leaks still happen – just take all the leaked info on Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 as a case in point – and parts can still be sneaked out of factories.

The report says how some staff hide the parts to new Apple products in their bras or between their toes or flush them down the toilet so they can be retrieved from the sewer system by a willing accomplice on the outside.

The info on the leaked parts can then be sold to the press for a substantial amount of money, sometimes as much as one month’s salary for the supply chain workers.

The report also claimed that Apple’s security team plant undercover operatives to join the workforce in order to try and flush out leaks.

The report also reveals how Apple searched for a mole for three years before finding out who was leaking information and hinted that the Cupertino firm is stepping up its security efforts in ahead of the anticipated release of the iPhone 8.


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