Report: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 set to be released mid-August


New reports suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is set to be unveiled during the third week of August at a standalone event in New York – as opposed to the IFA conference that takes place in early September.

If these rumours are true, it makes it quite feasible for the device to be launched before the end of August.

This would appear likely with Samsung wanting to steal the limelight before the IFA conference and ahead of Apple releasing the iPhone, which is expected mid-September.

Samsung certainly need to make a big impact after the disastrous Galaxy Note 7.

It has often been suggested that part of the reason for the devices’ failure was due to Samsung rushing to unveil it before the iPhone 7, so there will definitely be an element of caution from Samsung’s side. The refurbished Note 7 is due to relaunched soon in Korea, Latin America and parts of Europe.

The Galaxy S8 has so far performed well in terms of sales and safety but all eyes will be on the Galaxy Note 8.

Worryingly, it is thought that around 76,000 people are still using the Note 7 with many indicating that they will stick with the device until at least the Galaxy Note 8 is released.

The recall and warning notices seem to have done little to deter these users.

When it comes to specs, the Not 8 is expected to have a 6.3-inch Infinity Display, with a the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 836 processor and a 13MP dual lens camera and according to recent leaked images will look a lot like the Samsung Galaxy S8.


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