Respoke Unveils Its WebRTC-Based Platform


The company behind the popular Asterisk PBX software, Digium, launched Respoke earlier today. Respoke is a backend that is tailored to developers and runs off of the company’s WebRTC service.

Respoke enters the niche with other big names, such as Bistri and TokBox, offering a WebRTC communication platform that allows for real-time chat using text, voice or video. Made for developers, the company will allow use of their API to be quickly integrated into apps. A single API will allow for video calling, text chat, and even screen sharing.

Currently, the service is web-based and utilizes JavaScript and REST API. Developers hoping to use the service’s API for iOS and Android will have to wait until its release in the next quarter. A spokesperson for the company stated that there are plans to add a plugin to Internet Explorer and the Safari web browser to make them compatible with WebRTC. Currently, neither browser can support WebRTC natively.

Respoke aims to correct flaws often found in WebRTC technology. The service will enable connections that are often blocked natively by a firewall due to WebRTC using a one-to-one P2P connection type. The service will also be able to handle login credentials to ensure that developers have a safe means of integrating the service’s API into their apps.

Digium announced the creation of Respoke just a few months ago. Deemed a startup project, Respoke quickly grew to allow video and voice, inbound and outbound calls and screen sharing amongst many other features yet to be announced.

Use of the service will be free for users that only need 5 concurrent connections and utilize up to 5GB of relay bandwidth. Full details of pricing have yet to be released, but a basic plans starts at $50 and will allow for 50 connections, 50GB of bandwidth, 500 phone minutes and one phone number.


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