Revealed: Images of new Fitbit smartwatch leaked online


Images of Fitbit’s first attempt at a smartwatch since acquiring Pebble have been leaked online.

Render images of “Project Higgs”, surfaced on Yahoo Finance recently and look a lot like the Fitbit Blaze.

However, on the negative side, the images show a large oversized bezel, which is perhaps not nearly as stylish as say the Apple Watch or the Samsung Gear S3.

The leaks are somewhat limited in that they only show images of the front of the device which makes it hard to determine what remains of Fitbit’s previous designs, if any.

There are expected to be swappable bands although no one appears to know if the modular brains can be altered to create a totally different appearance.

It is rumoured that it may be possible to change the colour of the bands rather than forcing users to stick with the metallic finish chosen at the time of purchase.

The device is expected to be launched in by September after the anticipated April launch was deemed to be too early although it does appear that things seem to be progressing.


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