REVEALED: The secret bedrooms where cabin crew sleep on long haul flights


Have you ever wondered where the cabin crew go when they are not in the galley or walking up and down the aisles?

Well, a short walk up a secret staircase reveals staff sleeping quarters including beds and curtains.

The entrances to these areas, called Crew Rest Compartments (CRC) are so secret some are disguised as overhead luggage compartments.


The location of the CRC varies, but they can usually be found behind the cockpit or above first class.

The beds, usually between six and ten in number, are fitted with seatbelts just in case the flight encounters turbulence.

Storage areas for the crews’ belongings are also supplied and in some cases, there is even a TV.

The Boeing 777 offers a separate area for pilots, which contains two beds, two business class seats and, on some airlines, a lavatory area.

Last month, Virgin Australia shared images on its Instagram page of the secret sleeping quarters located between the economy and business class on its Boeing 777-300ER planes.

Image: Virgin Australia

Image: Virgin Australia

The photos give an insight into a world rarely considered when most of us are taking a flight.

“Given flights can be up to 15 hours in duration, it’s important for our flight and cabin crew to rest during the flight to be at their best when operating aircraft and serving our guests”, the airline said.

“To achieve this, our crew will retire to two designated crew rest areas in shifts during the flight in order to rest for around four hours on a flight like Sydney to Los Angeles.”


Pilots have a choice of one of two beds located on each side of the plane, while cabin crew get to choose one of eight bunks which come complete with bedding and pillows.


There is even space for crew to hang their uniforms at the end of their bed.

Each bed is around 6ft long and while they seem a little cramped, at least allows crew members to get their heads down during shifts that can last as long as 15 hours.

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